I started my working career early in the Banking Industry as an Import-Export Manager. I’m guessing that today, this would be known as an eCommerce Manager.

It was the days that you were technically advanced if you had a 2400 bps modem (that was bigger than a shoebox) hooked up to a commodore. I created a department that was non-existent at the time in my bank to become the most profitable area in it. Later I spun out into my own Import-Export Business.

It was this Business that brought me to South Florida back in 1986. Being close to everything, and with easy access to everything, it quickly became my home base. I never found a reason to leave, with its fantastic climate I believe this is the best place to live in the world, and everyone should own at least a Condo in our area.

I got hired by a major local company in 1988 in the Sales Department. I thought it would be a good thing to do for the summer of that year. Quickly, I realized that this job was a lot easier than owning your own business, and became very successful at it. I advanced into the position of Sales Manager, which I maintained for the next 20 years.

Getting into the Real Estate business was thanks to my wife who had become very successful at it, and was running her own Brokerage. She had realized early on, that the industry lacked experienced sales people. Most sales associates that applied were jaded individuals in look for something to fill in their time.

Becoming a Real Estate Broker has been the best decision I’ve made in my live. I love everything about it. The capability of working together with people to realize their most important goals has given me so many great experiences and satisfactions. There have been many “tear jerking” moments when I’ve been able to deliver on the dream, and this is unique to this industry. I compare it to a moment of triumph in sports.

At this point most Real Estate Agents will tell you how they will market your property worldwide, they will make the most beautiful brochures, etc., etc. But my message is simple: I’m a seasoned well accomplished Sales Manager with a huge technical and web marketing background. I’m up for the task!

My guarantee: You can expect me to work with Honor and to give it my best every single time, no matter if you’re looking to buy or sell, and if we’re talking about a $1,000 rental or purchasing a $30,000,000 property.

Now I’ve embarked into lending as I expand my services to the many clients I already serve